Adventures in Text and Code

Since 2021, LiterOCULAR has been the destination for inquisitive minds who want to go beyond merely reading an article and instead use an intricate interface to dive into carefully selected contextual metadata while also entertaining their eyes with recreations of historical print layouts.

How does LiterOCULAR do this? Well, it is enhanced by metadata binoculars, allowing you to identify and compare various topics within articles, and stylistic lenses, allowing you to change the design of the magazine on the fly based on four distinct historical eras. You never knew you needed this stuff and to be fair until we were told to build it we didn't know either!

The first issue of LiterOCULAR, Death and Rebirth, details the metamophorsis of the late rapper Daniel Dumile AKA MF Doom following the death of his brother. The second issue, Who Watches the Admen?, focuses on the sudden departure of AI researcher Timnit Gebru from Google in late 2020. More issues are planned for 2022, we just need to figure out how to get some money first.

“Twist the lines out of all recognition
Understand this, unnu have fi make a decision”


Death and Rebirth

From Zev Love X to MF DOOM

Who Watches the Admen?

When ethics clash with profits



Old timey

Art Deco


The Source